June 24, 2019

WI+RE: Creating a learner-led instructional design team in your library

ALA (American Library Association) 2019. Washington, DC.

Doug Worsham


Your library student employees have keen insights on essential breakthroughs and challenges for learners and researchers. They may also be looking for compelling and rewarding ways to make a difference and develop professionally. Join us for this interactive exploration of WI+RE - a truly student led instructional design team that has developed award winning instructional materials and empowered learners to imagine and create their own solutions to essential learning challenges.


Beginning with an overview of WI+RE's rapid and immersive training in pedagogy and media creation, the presenters will share how reflection on personal learning experiences provides inspiration for the team's first media projects. Next, the presenters will outline their process, sharing how they have adopted, adapted, and applied a design toolkit with campus collaborators. WI+RE's extensive use of paper-based and digital rapid-prototyping, as well as examples of user feedback and testing, will illustrate how creativity, community engagement, and participatory design are at the heart of the process. WI+RE projects will be on display as well, and participants will be able to see examples of student-created instructional media (including video, animation, interactive html modules, social media posts, and print-based resources) that have reached 76,000+ learners so far. Finally, the presenters will share an adaptable toolkit designed to inspire participants to create student-led instructional design teams at their home institutions.